For each item tick the response alternative (ranging from “completely disagree” to “completely agree”) that best describes you.

The statements relate to your thoughts, feelings and actions in the last 12 months.

  Completely Disagree
(no pts)
Disagree (1 pt) Neither Disagree nor Agree (2pts) Agree (3pts) Completely Agree (4pts)
1. Shopping/buying is the most important thing in my life.
2. I think about shopping/buying things all the time.
3. I spend a lot of time thinking of or planning shopping/buying.
4. Thoughts about shopping/buying keep popping in my head.
5. I shop in order to feel better.
6. I shop/buy things in order to change my mood.
7. I shop/buy things in order to forget about personal problems.
8. I shop/buy things in order to reduce feelings of guilt, anxiety, helplessness, loneliness, and/or depression.
9. I shop/buy so much that it negatively affects my daily obligations (e.g., school and work).
10. I give less priority to hobbies, leisure activities, job/studies, or exercise because of shopping/buying.
11. I have ignored love partner, family, and friends because of shopping/buying.
12. I often end up in arguments with other because of shopping/buying.
13. I feel an increasing inclination to shop/buy things.
14. I shop/buy much more than I had intended/planned.
15. I feel I have to shop/buy more and more to obtain the same satisfaction as before.
16. I spend more and more time shopping/buying.
17. I have tried to cut down on shopping/buying without success.
18. I have been told by others to reduce shopping/buying without listening to them.
19. I have decided to shop/buy less, but have not been able to do so 2.
20. I have managed to limit shopping/buying for periods, and the experienced relapse.
21. I become stressed if obstructed from shopping/buying things.
22. I become sour and grumpy if I for some reasons cannot shop/buy things when I feel like it.
23. I feel bad if I for some reason are prevented from shopping/buying things.
24. I there has been a while since I last shopped I feel a strong urge to shop/buy things.
25. I shop/buy so much that it has caused economic problems.
26. I shop/buy so much that it has impaired my well-being.
27. I have worried so much about my shopping that it sometimes has made me sleepless.
28. I have been bothered with poor conscience because of shopping/buying.
CS Andreassen, et all. The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale: reliability and validity of a brief screening test. 17(6): Front Psychol 1374. 2015.

Now that you’ve completed the questions, calculate your number score using the following guide

For every "Completely Disagree" response, give yourself zero points. 
"Disagree" = 1 point
"Neither Agree nor Disagree" = 2 points
"Agree" = 3 points
"Completely Agree" = 4 points

You should now have a numbered score between 0 and 112.

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