Binge Eating Treatment

Are Binges Keeping You From Being the Person You Want to Be?

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Are you concerned that binge eating may be taking over your life? Do you become preoccupied with eating when you’re under stress and use eating as an escape, even if that escape is fleeting and often followed by shame, guilt, frustration or the need for more? Maybe you disappear into your room or office and binge without realizing at the time how much you’ve really eaten. You become upset with yourself after binge eating and then become depressed. Research has demonstrated that people with binge eating disorder report more health problems, trouble sleeping, stress and suicidal thoughts. It may be that those binges feel like a vacation, but then your friends, family members or partner ask where you were and what you were doing, and you missing social or work events to eat.

You may be afraid that your friends or significant other will find out how much you’ve eaten. Maybe you’ve been told by your doctor that you have a problem, but when your cravings hit, it feels like you have to give in. Now you feel depressed, frustrated and ashamed. Perhaps you’ve been told you just need “more self control” or need to “work harder” to diet, but that didn’t solve your problem. Are you tired of hiding your binge eating and covering your tracks? Do you wish you could better understand what’s causing your binge eating, learn how to truly quit overeating and finally live in accordance with your health goals?


The signs of binge eating disorder can be difficult to recognize, and you might wonder how your eating has spiraled out of control. You have health and fitness goals you’ve intended to keep but you can’t seem to stay on track. It may be that you’re married or have children and you want to live a healthy, long life for your loved ones. Besides your appearance, perhaps you’ve started to worry about your physical health. You may feel lonely, stuck and desperate to talk to someone who can understand what you’re going through and help you overcome you binge eating so that you can be the person you want to be— someone who has self-control over food. Someone who has found real freedom from the uncomfortable cravings.

Many People Struggle With Binge Eating as well as the Frustration and Shame that Inevitably Follow

Binge eating often leads to isolation, especially because most people who are struggling tend to feel unlovable and inadequate. But in truth, you’re not alone. Binge eating appears to be the most common eating disorder in America, and this is especially hard to fight when our modern lifestyle has made fast food and junk food more available than ever.

It’s only human to seek out good feelings and avoid bad feelings. No one likes to feel uncomfortable, powerless, lonely, frustrated, angry, etc. You’re probably using binge eating to deal with your negative emotions. For example, having that perfect “guilty pleasure” dessert might make you feel cared for and comforted when you’re feeling disconnected during of your day. Or you might often feel empty and lonely inside, and then that “binge eating mode” helps you feel alive and euphoric again, even when you know that in reality, the feeling is temporary and it won’t really make up for the empty feeling inside.

It can be difficult to recognize and fully understand negative feelings, especially if you’ve become used to numbing or avoiding them. For example, you might find yourself on the couch with your favorite ice cream after a fight with your spouse without fully realizing how you got there. You might know that your binge eating is disrupting your life, but feel lost and helpless to stop. The good news is that you’re not alone. There’s help and hope. Binge eating treatment can help you better understand the root cause of your problem and help you gain control over your actions and emotions so you can restore that life you want to live where you’re proud of yourself, confident, healthy and in control.
Binge Eating Recovery is Hard. The Breakthrough Clinic Makes It Easier

At The Breakthrough Clinic, our expert binge eating counselors utilize a fast, effective, cutting-edge treatment that can give you the powerful tools you need to break free from binge eating and regain control over your life. Clients are often amazed at the speed of their progress. Other clinics and therapists offer treatments that can take years.  We want you to find your breakthrough. If your goal is for lasting freedom from binge eating, The Breakthrough Clinic may have the solution you’ve been searching for.

In sessions, your therapist will help you gain insight into your eating impulses and behaviors so you can identify what’s lacking in your life. As you investigate the pains, wants and needs driving your binge eating, you can find other, healthier ways of cultivating the feelings you’re been looking to food for. Your therapist will use tried-and-true methods to demolish the power your eating compulsions have over your life, without shaming you or requiring you to join group meetings, gym workouts or unrealistic dieting plans. Once overpowering impulses often begin to fade and feel truly manageable. We’ve seen clients struggling with binge eating find a sustainable way to meet their emotional needs while living balanced, healthy lives that bring confidence and freedom.

Regardless of the intensity of the compulsions you’re facing, your breakthrough may be within your reach. We understand your goals— to stop binge eating. To stop drowning in guilt, isolation and shame. To become the healthy, balanced, confident person you’re proud to be.

You may still have questions or concerns about binge eating therapy…

I’ve already tried everything. Binge eating disorder treatment won’t work.

Some research suggests that binge eating disorder can start as early as elementary school. So we understand the roots of your binge eating may be deep, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be safely treated. If you’ve tried everything you can think of to overcome your binge eating, it makes sense that you’d feel doubtful and hopeless. But until now, you probably haven’t had a professional specialist on your side to help you win this fight. Our trainBed clinical psychotherapists use unique, powerful treatment strategies that can clients in ways they never thought possible.

Talking about this makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

It’s natural and normal to have reservations about talking about such a personal topic. At The Breakthrough Clinic, you’ll work with a warm, trained, professional binge eating treatment specialist who can put you at ease. Your therapist won’t judge you. Rather, he or she can help you identify and work through the triggers, cravings and impulsive eating that keeps you stuck damage your relationships, health and sense of self. 


Binge Eating treatment is too expensive and time-consuming.

Using our highly effective treatment approach, you can get the most out of every session. Our clients often express surprise at how effective our treatment is. The binge eating help we provide doesn’t involve attending group meetings or any required reading. From the very first session, your therapist will focus on finding a solution for your problem. If money is a concern, we encourage you to consider how much binge eating has already cost you, not just financially, but self-confidence and your relationships, not to mention the many hours you’ve lost and the possible toll on your health. Binge eating itself can be especially expensive. Learning how to overcome binge eating and break free from its consequences is an investment in yourself, your health, your loved ones and your future.

You Can Take Control

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