Shopping Addiction


Shopping addiction is often at work when a person compulsively buys in order to feel good and avoid feeling negative feelings, such as shame or anxiety. Shopping addictions can damage our lives, jeopardize our careers and hurt our relationships with others.

Is your spending out of control? Are you irresistibly drawn to a shopping in a way that’s destroying your life or hurting someone else’s?

It may be time to seek a solution from an expert.

You may have been told you need to “just stop it” but that didn’t solve your problem.

There’s no need for shame. Join others around the world who have discovered success through our clinic. Our clients are often shocked to find that successful treatment of a shopping addiction often requires no long-term psychotherapy treatment, assigned reading or medication. Finding professional help from an expert is often key to providing a lasting solution. This comes from correctly identifying the link between the compulsive shopping and the underlying feeling it's become associated with (feeling worthy, important, alive or loveable for example). Once this link has been correctly identified, it can be severed. Once the shopping addiction no longer provides the feeling it was associated with, the shopping addiction immediately begins to vanish.


Professional help from The Breakthrough Clinic has provided many sufferers of unwanted addictive behaviors like shopping addiction a lasting solution, financial freedom and the restoration of damaged relationships that comes from overcoming a shopping addiction.