Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment


Are substance addiction, withdrawals and cravings keeping you in pain? 

Let's get you out.

Has drinking or drugs started to take over your life? Do you use when you’re under stress as an escape, even if that escape is temporary and followed by intense anxiety, shame, guilt, frustration or the need for more? Your relationships may be damaged, you may be hurting, in pain, angry or lonely. We get it. You're in emotional or physical pain and you want relief. Maybe you disappear from the outside world to use, and you’ve made hiding from others a lifestyle. You become upset with yourself after using and then become depressed. It may be that when you use, it feels like a vacation (or at least it did, when you first started). Your friends, family members or partner ask where you were and what you were doing, and you miss social or work events. You know, deep down, that the substance you’ve been using has cost you. It’s held you back in your relationships, your career and your health. We know this may be a difficult and painful time for you. Our wholehearted desire is to walk with your through this. 

You may be afraid your friends or significant other will find out about the extent of your addiction. Maybe you’ve been told by a loved one that you have a problem, but when your cravings hit, it feels like you have to give in. Now you feel anxious, hopeless or ashamed. Perhaps you’ve been told you just need “more self control” and to "just stop," but that didn’t solve your problem. Do you wish you could just quit and finally live up to your true potential in your career and relationships? Right now you're not living up to your potential. You'd rather be someone you can be really proud of, someone who’s found real freedom from the uncomfortable cravings and relapses. 

Many people struggle with alcohol and drug use, as well as the pain, anxiety and shame that inevitably follow.

Addiction leaves people feeling lonely. It leads to isolation and regret.

Our outpatient addiction services are 50% less expensive than other providers because our clients get better much faster. Click here for details and discover how we're different.

There’s help and hope. Treatment at The Breakthrough Clinic is here to help you better understand the root of your problem and walk by your side to ultimately help you gain control over your actions and emotions so you can live the life you want where you’re proud of yourself, confident, healthy and in control.

Recovery is hard. We're here to help you get better.

At The Breakthrough Clinic, our licensed, expert addiction counselors use a fast, effective, cutting-edge treatment that can powerfully boost your ability to break free from your substance abuse and regain control over your life. Clients are often amazed at the speed of their progress. Other clinics and therapists offer treatments that normally take years to work.  We want you to find your breakthrough. If your goal is for lasting freedom from substance abuse, The Breakthrough Clinic may have the solution you’ve been searching for.

In sessions, your therapist will help you gain insight into your cravings so you can identify what’s lacking in your life. As you investigate the pains, wants and needs driving your substance abuse, you can find other, healthier ways of cultivating the feelings you’re been looking for. Your therapist will use tried-and-true methods to demolish the power your substance abuse has over your life, without requiring you to join group meetings, complete assigned readings, or wait and wait until you begin to get a handle on your problem. Our clients typically report cravings and decreasing within the first month, occasionally even in the first few sessions. Impulses that were once overpowering begin to fade and feel truly manageable. We get it: you want freedom from this problem and a more manageable life, and you want it soon.

You may still have questions or concerns about substance abuse.

I’ve already tried everything. Substance abuse treatment won’t work.

We understand the roots of your substance abuse may be deep and your earlier attempts may have failed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be safely treated. If you’ve tried everything you can think of to overcome your substance abuse, it makes sense that you’d feel doubtful and hopeless. Many of our clients who have experienced incredible success in overcoming their addiction were once “drop outs” from 12 step programs and other tradition treatments that didn’t work for them. Our trained clinical psychotherapists use unique, powerful treatment strategies that help our clients in ways they never thought possible.


Substance Abuse treatment is too expensive and time-consuming.

We use our highly effective treatment approach to get you the most out of every session and our clients often express surprise at how effective our treatment is. From your very first session, your therapist will focus on finding a solution for your problem. If money is a concern, we encourage you to consider how much substance abuse has already cost you, not just financially, but in self-confidence and your relationships, not to mention the many hours you’ve lost and the toll on your health. Substance abuse itself can be especially expensive. Learning how to overcome it and break free from its consequences is an investment in yourself, your health, your loved ones and your future.


You Can Take Control