Sex Addiction Treatment


Are Intrusive Sexual Thoughts and Compulsive Sexual Behaviors Preventing You From Being the Person You Want to Be?

Are you concerned that porn, masturbation, sexting or other sexual activities are taking over your life? Are you obsessed with the pursuit of a sexual form of release, pleasure and escape, even if the sense of relief is fleeting and often followed by shame, guilt, frustration or the need for more? Maybe you disappear into your room or office and binge on pornography for hours, sometimes without realizing how much time has passed. It may be that those binges feel like a vacation, but then your friends, family members or partner ask where you were and what you were doing, and you find yourself lying or withdrawing. You may be terrified that your boss will find out you’ve been watching porn at work or your spouse will catch you using a hook-up app. Or maybe you’ve already been caught, and now your job and relationship are at risk or over, and you feel like your world is crumbling around you. Are you tired of hiding, covering your tracks and living a double life? Do you wish you could better understand what's causing your addiction to sex, learn how to truly quit porn addiction and finally live in accordance with your true values and goals?

The signs of sex addiction can be difficult to recognize, and you might wonder how the sexual part of your life has spiraled out of control. Maybe you’re religious, and although masturbating, using porn, sleeping with multiple partners or seeking same-sex partners goes against your values, you can’t seem to stop. It may be that you’re married and want to honor your commitment to your spouse, but you still talk to people on dating apps or meet up with strangers whenever you can. You might be spending thousands of dollars on prostitutes, cam girl sessions, pornography subscriptions or other methods of sexual release. Perhaps you’ve started to worry about STIs or other aspects of your physical health. Or, perhaps you feel drawn to a fetish, kink or fantasy that you find horrifying or revolting, and you feel shame, guilt or disgust over the appeal. As sexual compulsions grow more and more frequent and intense, you may feel lonely, stuck and desperate to talk to someone who can understand what you’re going through and help you become the person you want to be.


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Many People Struggle With Sex Addiction, Secrecy and Shame

Masturbation addiction, pornography addiction, obsessive fantasies and other forms of sex addiction can feel isolating, especially because most people who are struggling engage in their behaviors alone or with strangers. It can feel as though you’re the only person carrying the weight of this secret shame. But, in truth, you are not alone. Sex addiction is likely the most common addiction in the world, and our modern technology has made finding sexual outlets easier than ever. It can feel like sex is everywhere, and it’s even more difficult to stop a behavior when relief and escape are literally right at your fingertips.

It’s human to seek out good feelings and avoid bad feelings. None of us like to feel uncomfortable, powerless, lonely, frustrated, angry, etc. And, you may be using some form of sex to deal with negative emotions. For example, sex might make you feel alive and connected to another person when you feel dull and lonely during most of your day. Or, you might often feel powerless, and then watch porn that gives you a sense of power and control, even when you know that in reality, you feel out of control.

It can be difficult to recognize and fully understand negative feelings, especially if you’ve become used to numbing or avoiding them with sexual fantasies. For example, you might find yourself on a hook-up app after a fight with your spouse without fully realizing why you got there. You might know that your sexual compulsions are disrupting your life, but feel lost and helpless to stop them. The good news is that you’re not alone, and there’s help and hope. Sex addiction counseling can help you better understand the root cause of your sexual compulsions, gain control over your actions and begin to live in alignment with your values, purpose and truest self.

Sex Addiction Treatment Can Help You Reclaim Your Life

At The Breakthrough Clinic, our expert addiction counselors utilize a fast, effective, cutting-edge treatment method that can give you the revelation and tools you need to break free from sex addiction and take control over your life. Our approach is so effective that it’s not uncommon for us to dismantle a pornography addiction in as little as eight sessions. Meanwhile, other sex addiction treatments take years.  

In sessions, your therapist will help you gain insight into your sexual impulses and behaviors so that you can identify what’s lacking in your life. As you investigate the pains, wants and needs driving your addiction to sex, you can find other, healthier ways of cultivating satisfaction and empowerment. Your therapist will use tried-and-true methods to demolish the power your sexual compulsions have over your life, without shaming you or forcing you into one set of beliefs. Once compelling images will no longer seem compelling. Once pleasurable activities will no longer feel pleasurable. You can truly find a sustainable way to meet your emotional needs while honoring your relationships, your career and your values.

 Regardless of the intensity of the addiction you’re facing, your breakthrough is possible. You can stop living a double life. You can stop drowning in guilt, isolation and shame. You can become a person you’re proud to be.


You may still have questions or concerns about sex addiction therapy… 

I’ve already tried everything. Sex and porn addiction treatment haven't worked for me.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of to overcome this addiction, it makes sense that you feel doubtful and hopeless. But, until now, you probably haven’t had a professional specialist on your side to help you win this fight. Our trained clinical psychotherapists use unique, powerful treatment strategies that can clients in ways they never thought possible.

Talking about this makes me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

It’s natural to have reservations about talking about such a personal topic, especially one that most people hide. However, at The Breakthrough Clinic, you’ll work with a trained, professional addiction counselor who can put you at ease. Your therapist won’t judge you. Rather, he or she can help you work through the fantasies and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and damaging your relationships, career and sense of self. 

Sex addiction treatment is too expensive and time-consuming.

Using our highly effective treatment approach, you’ll get the most out of every session. Our clients overwhelmingly express surprise at how rapid our treatment is, and our results are far more rapid than other treatments being offered. Our powerful treatment doesn’t involve group meetings or any required reading. You can be of any religious background or no religious background. From the very first session, your therapist will focus on finding a solution for your problem. If money is a concern, we encourage you to consider how much sex addiction has already cost you, especially in your relationships, the many hours you’ve lost and possibly even your career. Sex addiction can be especially expensive if you have been spending money on prostitutes, specialty porn websites and more. Learning how to quit porn addiction and break free from compulsive sexual behaviors is an investment in yourself, your loved ones and your future.

You Can Take Control

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